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Students and startups can apply for the fourth round of the ehvLINC program


Are you a startup founder? Did you get lost in all that legal mumbo jumbo? The dept of your pockets does not allow you to pay for the lawyers ? ehvLINC might be the program for you! Check our startup application page on why and how you should apply and become part of a unique legal incubation program.


We are always looking for talented students. Are you in the Master’s phase of a study Business Law or Law & Technology and are you interested to join us in our mission? Then please send your CV, motivation letter and grade list to application@eindhovenlinc.com or check our student application page .

If you have any questions, contact us trough the contact form on the bottom of this website or by emailing to: application@eindhovenlinc.com.

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In the start-up phase of a new organization, the legal structure is almost as important as the product or service that one wants to develop. A good legal structure ensures that acquired intangible assets are protected, it makes it easier for companies to collaborate with third parties. Furthermore, at a later stage a well-structured organization is able protect continuity with regard to the company, the product, service or production process and the people who are active within the organization. The big problem, however, is that creating a solid structures is often expensive, whereas in an initial phase the entrepreneur prefers to spend his money on product development and commerce.

ehvLINC runs a unique program in which it helps start-ups get their legal household in order. With the help of Master's students and law firms we help startups get their legal structure at a professional level. Students will work for the project 8 to 12 hours per week, with one of the selected startups. The students will research the possible solutions for the legal problems they encounter at the start-up. They filter all the problems, and structure them into a legal report. Qualified lawyers will review the legal report before delivering it to the start-up.

By bringing the three parties above mentioned together, the start-up will get good quality legal support, which will help it to avoid future legal issues. The students get practical experience from a really good first hand source, plus the opportunity to connect with law firms. Whilst the law firms will have the opportunity to connect with the startup community, saving time thanks to the filter and the work done by the students.

How we do it

A law incubator in which students provide legal advice to startups, under the supervision of law firms .


The incubator works with master's students pursuing studies in the area's of intellectual property law, privacy law and business law. The students will work for the incubator 8 - 12 hours per week. During this time the students will research the legal issues of the start-up, make legal documents for the start-up and meet with lawyers to evaluate their findings. This way: students obtain practical experience from a first-hand source, and get feedback from lawyers from established law firms. To see our workforce click here.


Every start-up gets in touch with our legal teams. The legal teams will work on the basic legal documents and memo's needed to safely operate in the applicable market. The start-up will have to spend a maximum of two hours per week to help students get all the information they need. In return the start-ups will be provided with good quality legal and and high level legal documents.

Law firms

All students that work for ehvLINC are assigned an legal professional from a law firm , which will function as a mentor and supervisor. The law firms will also get to know the students, which could be their future employees. Law firms review the work done by the students, this way high quality is assured. The law firms are asked to spend 2 hours a week per start-up. By working with the start-ups the law firms have a chance to interact with entrepreneurs, whom can give them an insight in how to approach the start-up scene. The law firms will also get to know the master’s students, which could be their future employees.


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how it all started

It is a well-known fact that startups do not take care of the legal and tax matters of their projects from the start. In fact, they tend to leave those issues for the future, and sometimes that lack of diligence in those matters arises in bigger problems in the future. Even though there are a clear problems startups need to solve, we identified that there is a lack of affordable legal and tax support in the region. That is the reason why we came up with the idea to create an educational program where law students, under the supervision of qualified lawyers, can work with the startups together solving legal and tax issues.



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Founder and Manager



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