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Among the myriad of issues new businesses face, tax planning is one that is commonly forgotten. Some entrepreneurs may just be too intimidated by the prospect of figuring out tax issues, whilst others deem it an unimportant part of their business.

Tax planning is more than just about keeping track of expenses. Having the appropriate corporate structure can help maximize your profit and ease the tax burden of your company. This in turn will leave more money to invest in your startup. Regardless of the demands your new business may present, it is critical to have a basic structure regarding taxes. This will not only help a startup to comply, but will also create more financial opportunities.


With our partner Taxperience we have developed a 9-week program. The goal is to give startups practical advice on all important tax-topics. During the seven week program 2-3 students assess all relevant financial and tax documentation you have acumulated and advice on different tax fields. The tax-program, among others, focusses on:

  • VAT-position - Review of filed Tax returns
  • Employee benefits - Employment Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
  • Corporate Structuring - Holding Structure / Management fees
  • Transition from self-employement - costs/benefit assessment incorporation
  • International aspects of tax - Tranfer pricing / cross-border VAT

After the 7-week period you will obtain a report. This report always contains reviews of the current situation [add link], an assessment whether there are urgent tax risks and an assessment whether a startup is complying with tax regulation. Furthermore the report may include recommendation regarding tax benefits that you as a startup can obtain like "the innovation box".

The trajectory


Who will help me?

Taxperience an introduction

Taxperience, started in 2006 and is now firmly anchored in the area of tax, financial and legal services. Our growth is a byproduct of the outstanding client service delivered by our people, the best professionals in the industry. Our objective isn’t to be the biggest firm, it is to provide best-in-class client services in seamless fashion across the globe.

Taxperience supports the vision of the ehvLINC project to help startups getting their tax structure at a professional level. Bas Sonneveldt and Josine Vos will assist the students with performing the tax scan for the start-ups. Bas Sonneveldt is a VAT director with more than 20 years experience in the field of VAT. Josine Vos is a Senior Tax & Transfer Pricing Manager and has experience for more than 12 years with supporting clients in all kind of related direct tax issues (i.e. personal- and corporate income tax, wage tax, corporate structuring etc.) and transfer pricing.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you getting insight in your current tax position!


The Taxperience team


Senior Tax Manager


Owner & Tax Partner


VAT Director

How do I apply?

How you apply for the program can be found on our Application page Startups and Application page Students

If you have any questions please contact us by sending an email to:

Keep startuping and may the force be with you!

The ehvLINC team